Isophit™ M.S.K
Isophit™ M.S.K
Isophit™ M.S.K
Isophit™ M.S.K
Isophit™ M.S.K
Isophit™ M.S.K
Isophit™ M.S.K

Isophit™ M.S.K

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Introducing the all-new Isophit M.S.K. Engineered for maximum versatility and portability, the M.S.K. provides up to 600 lbs of resistance for 1000's isometric-based strength training exercises. With its versatility and lightweight, portable design, the M.S.K. gives you the ability to train anywhere you want to train. 

Why is Isophit Strength Training important? 

Science indicates that isometric strength training is the best way to maximize isometric muscle strength. Dynamic exercise albeit important, it's not nearly as effective at increasing isometric strength as isometric strength training. 

Why is this important? 

Greater isometric strength improves athletes' power development, injury prevention, and resiliency.

Additionally, numerous research articles have linked poor isometric strength to many undesirable health conditions for the general public.

They include hypertension, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease events, stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease, poor mobility and functional movement, muscle and joint pain, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. Isometric strength training can slow down and, in some instances, reverse the degenerative nature of these conditions. 

Where does Isophit Strength Training fit into the exercise equation?

To optimize physical performance and health, people need to build their isometric muscle strength before moving. Poor isometric strength leads to instability and muscle weakness. Instability and weakness are why people get injured when participating in dynamic-based exercise and sport. 

To help understand, remember. Isometric strength training "Prepares the Body for Movement," and dynamic exercise and sport is the "Practice of Movement."  

For optimal results, train with the Isophit M.S.K. and practice the skills required in the desired sport or activity.

Where's the Resistance? 

Our Force Matching Technology™ makes the Isophit M.S.K one of the safest, most efficient, and most effective exercise systems. Based on Newton's Third Law of Motion, our Force Matching Technology provides "perfect resistance" 100% of the time. (Up to 600 lbs)

Did Someone Mention Versatility?

The Isophit M.S.K provides up to 600 lbs of Resistance for 1000's isometric exercises. Efficiently perform all your classic gym exercises that you know and love—squats, Lunges, Deadlifts, and Bench Press with ease and virtually no set-up time. 

Who Should Buy the Isophit M.S.K? 

Strength Coaches, Athletes, Exercise Enthusiasts, and businesses that want to be the best at what they do. 

Does the Isophit M.S.K come with programs? 

Each purchase comes with access to our 30inThirty™ Strength Training series. 

Our 30inThirty Strength Program is easy to administer. The 30inThirty combines Weightlifting, Yoga, and High-Intensity Interval Training into an action package, a high-energy isometric strength training workout.


Isophit M.S.K Dimensions: 

Footprint: 32" W x 30" L x 5" H 

Maximum Bar Height: 32" 

Total Weight: 39 LBS

Adjustable Positions: 0˚, 15˚, 30˚, 45˚, 60˚, 75˚ and 90˚

Maximum Resistance: 600 lbs

To keep the weight low. The Mobile Strength Kit is made from Aluminum and has a 600 lbs resistance capacity. 


The Isophit M.S.K is for isometric strength training. The Isophit M.S.K should never be used for dynamic-based or acrobatic-styled swinging or hanging exercises. These exercises may cause the Isophit M.S.K to the tip, resulting in bodily injury or death. Do not use the Isophit M.S.K as an anchoring device for elastomers or other exercise products that would alter the intended function of the apparatus. Supervision for use is necessary for children under the age of 14. Children should not use the Isophit M.S.K under eight years old. Please store your Isophit M.S.K in a safe place out of the reach of children. 

Isologex Corp owns patents and Design Registration: 

USA Industrial Design Patent U.S. Patent No. D958908 

Chinese Industrial Design Registration No. ZL 2020305908230

Australian Industrial Design Application Design No: 202015327

European Union Industrial Design Registration No.: 0081938660-0001

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