Isophit 316 Strength Kit

Isophit 316 Strength Kit

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Poor Isometric muscle strength and endurance have been linked to many of today's most unwanted health and performance issues. 

Poor isometric muscle strength and endurance have been linked to hypertension which is the leading cause of heart disease and stroke, Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease, and non-contact injury in sports. 

Without high levels of isometric muscle strength and endurance. The risk of injury during dynamic activities like sports, exercise, and daily work-related activities increases.

Sadly, conventional methods of dynamic exercise fail to improve isometric muscle strength and endurance as effectively as isometric strength training. 

With the Isophit 316, users can easily and effectively target every muscle.

The Isophit 316 has a 7sqft footprint, weighs 54 lbs, and provides up to 1200 lbs of resistance for thousands of isometric strength training exercises. 



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