If you don't want extra fat. Keep reading.

If you don't want extra fat. Keep reading.

Congratulations Maria! Maria lost three dress sizes in 22 days with Isophit.

Do you want to lose body fat? 

So, where does one start a "fat loss" journey? 

Let's face it. Cardio is boring, inefficient, and risky. 

Yes, risky! 

Performing thousands of mindless repetitions during a cardio session puts your body at risk of muscle and joint injury. 

What do you think would happen if you started your fat loss journey performing thousands of push-ups every day? Do you think you might get injured?

When you perform cardio, you're asking your body to complete tens of thousands of repetitions whether it is prepared to do them or not.

Let's quickly explore two of the most popular forms of cardio, "cycling" and " jogging."

To determine your cycling injury risk, multiply your RPMs x the duration if you performed 90 revolutions per minute and rode for 45 minutes. You will have completed 4050 reps. 

As a new exerciser. Do you feel 4050 repetitions is an appropriate amount of work for your Sartorius or Tensor Fascia Latae muscles?

When these muscles are "overworked and tight," they can contribute to lower back, hip, and knee pain. Pain is certainly not what you want when your goal is to lose body fat.

Speaking of "Pain."

Studies show that up to 90% of runners experience an injury because of running. Ironically, the more people run. The higher the risk and severity of the damage. So let's put running on the back burner for now. If your goal is to run, we can revisit it once you have lost your desired amount of body fat. That means you don't need to run at all. 

Don't worry. You don't need to diet, lift weights, or perform any cardio conditioning at all to achieve extraordinary results. 

If you want to learn about a safe, effective, and highly efficient way to lose body fat. Make sure you watch the episode on Isometrics for Low Back Pain on our home page. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask. My email is brad@isophit.com. 

Brad Thorpe


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