Help Eliminate Back Pain

Help Eliminate Back Pain

Let's be honest. Ignorance is not bliss. It's a leading cause of - recurring - low back pain.

Unfortunately, people lack the understanding of their bodies to avoid low back pain. Our goal is to give you the skills and techniques required to prevent and fix low back pain.

Here are two significant problems that you may be unaware of that contribute to low back pain.

Most people either "do nothing" to prepare their bodies to tolerate the forces associated with their daily activities, or "they" focus on practicing motion-based exercise.

Ironically, neither "avoidance" nor "dynamic training" explicitly prepares the body to address the causes of low back pain. That means there is a high probability that your chosen activity (or lack thereof) is just reinforcing corrupt movement patterns that can accelerate degenerative change.

On the other hand, isometric strength training is the most effective (and overlooked) way to prepare the body for movement and pain prevention. Isometric strength training allows the person to enhance the neurological connection between the central nervous system and the muscle, maximize muscle strength and stability, and increase bone density and tendon stiffness in a safe and efficient environment. All great things if you ask me.

In this episode of Zero Velocity, Isophit's founder Brad Thorpe (that's me) tackles low back pain head-on. If you're interested in living a life free of back pain, you can Watch The Episode Here.

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