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The Isophit M.S.K provides up to 600 lbs of Resistance for 1000's of Your Favourite Isometric Strength Exercises
Prevention | Performance | Recovery
Payments as low as $29 per unit or $238 per 10 unit club Pack per month*

Are You a Business?

Thanks to Canadian Financial, we now offer competitive business financing packages to qualified businesses in the USA, Canada, Australia, and serveral European countries.

Whether you want to purchase 1, or 50 Isophit M.S.K units for your business. Canadian Financial and their network of international lenders are here to make your dream a reality.

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Interest as Low as 2.9%*

Terms up to 84 Months*

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*On Approved Credit - Rates shown are in Canadian Dollars

Until you own an Isophit - you will never understand what better function means.

Lower Body Exercises

Trunk & Spine Exercises

Upper Body Exercises

Meet the Inventor of Isophit
Brad Thorpe

With over 30 years in the health, fitness, and performance industries. Brad is considered by many to be world's leading authority on isometric strength training.

Brad's evolutionary thinking and determination to push his isometric strength training concept forward into the marketplace has helped tens of thousands of people across 24 countries live pain-free, high-performing, active lifestyles.

When he's not inventing a new product or consulting with his Isophit family members. Brad spends the majority of his time experiencing life with his beautiful wife and daughter.

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