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Professor Cronin has over 300 Published Strength and Conditioning Studies to his Credit . Hear what he has to say about Isophit.

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Science Supports the Use of isometric strength training

Isometric exercise is unique in its ability to rapidly increase muscle strength and tone muscle faster than that seen for dynamic exercise.

Journal of Applied Research

Explosive isometric training has been shown here to provide similar benefits to that of plyometric training with respect to the measured variables, but with reduced impact forces, and would therefore provide a useful adjunct for athletic training programs.

The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

Chronic pain is significantly related to a reduction of muscle strength of 20–30% in the painful limb. A significant relation between pain intensity and reduced isometric muscle strength was found for most muscle groups.

Clinical Rehabilitation

Isometric resistance training lowers Systolic Blood Pressure, Diastolic Blood Pressure, and mean arterial pressure. The magnitude of effect is larger than that previously reported in dynamic aerobic or resistance training. Our data suggest that this form of training has the potential to produce significant and clinically meaningful blood pressure reductions and could serve as an adjunctive exercise modality.

Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Isometric Exercise Training may also play an effective role in the management of vascular risk factors at the Mild cognitive impairment stage of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and may prove to be a significant strategy in the prevention, attenuation or delay of progression to AD.

Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience

The possibility of differing energy costs is suggested by the fact that the metabolic changes resulting from a 30 seconds isometric contraction of the quadriceps are similar to those of a 30 seconds maximal sprint.

The Journal of Physiology

Besides blood pressure, isometric exercise is associated with other beneficial effects consisting of an increase in muscle bulk, upper and lower body strength, increases in bone density, and a decrease in bone fractures. These changes are extremely beneficial to older patients by making them more mobile and increasing their quality of life.

The Journal of Clinical Hypertension

This study suggests that greater isometric muscle strength in youth is associated with lower levels of cardiovascular risk factors in young adulthood independent of fitness, adiposity and other confounding factors.

British Journal of Sports Medicine

In conclusion, inadequate blood pressure control puts millions of people around the world at risk of the potentially fatal consequences of hypertension. This individual participant data analysis confirms a clinically meaningful and statistically significant effect of Isometric Resistance Training on resting blood pressure.

Journal of Hypertension

Higher short-latency isometric neck muscle tension, developed prior to impact, can lower magnitudes of post-impact kinematics of the head. Therefore, strength-training programs that facilitate increased gains in short-latency rate of isometric force development may be an important component of neck strength training programs to lower the risk for concussion.

Journal of Athletic Enhancement


As a 54 year old  athlete. It's nice to not be in pain after a workout. Since using Isophit, not only do I look, feel, and function better. I no longer experience those nagging little aches and pains that you're "supposed to live with" as you age. 

Kurt Browning 4x World Figure Skating Champion

"Wrapping up 30 days of MSK. At 40 years old, my clothes fit better, my sleeps are sound, posture is more upright and I'm starting to really see some good definition in my arms and legs. Best news is, I am NEVER sore. The 30inThirty workout is effective and efficient. I always look forward to my time on the MSK."

Mary Kasravi

"FINALLY got to put my hands on an MSK today. REALLY impressed with the fit and finish! Moves smoothly, stable, and surprisingly rigid. Love the finish on the crossbar, feels really nice. Dare I say it: I think I like it more than the Isophit strength trainer."

Jonathan Lee Co-Owner Fokus Stryka and Former Engine Builder at Koenigsegg

I fell in love with the Isophit M.S.K within 30 seconds of using it. It might just be one of the safest, most efficient, and most effective forms of exercise I have ever tried. Seriously, the Isophit M.S.K is just awesome! 

Joe Arko Renowned Fitness Business Coach

I absolutely love my MSK. This thing is no joke. Most efficient, effective, and safest home strength building tool available.

Jessica Schleis - Artist

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