Hollywood's Newest Celebrity Workout
Isophit is Hollywood's newest Celebrity Workout
Maximize Your Strength & Stability

Used by Professionals

Isophit is the brain-child of renowned Isometric Strength and Conditioning Coach and inventor Brad Thorpe.

Isophit is used by tens of thousands of people across 31 countries.

Our more well known clients include the US Army, FBI, Red Bull APC, Canyon Ranch, the Boca West Country Club, Cleveland Caviliers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Houston Rocket, Miami Heat, Carolina Panthers, Bristol Bears, Sporting KC, UCLA, AS Monaco, Lyon Asvel, and the iconic celebrity training studio Rise Movement in West Hollywood California.

Isophit is used by professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, UEFA, LNB Pro A, and NCAA.

Evolution requires change
Two Reasons to Use Isophit Daily

Reason 1: Low levels of isometric muscle strength are directly linked to poor physical health, muscle pain, and injury risk.

Reason 2: High levels of isometric muscle strength are linked to better functional performance, and health statistics.

Our signature 30inThirty isometric strength training series. It is safe, time efficient and effective workout for building muscle, burning fat, improving cardiovascular health, reducing injuries and muscle and joint pain. it's also great way to train
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Our 30inThirty strength program combines the benefits of yoga, weight lifting, and high intensity interval training into an action packed 30 minute isometric strength training workout.

Each program is support with a free instructional video available on our YouTube channel.

Let us explain why Isophit is so effective.

Prior to all dynamic muscle actions and change of direction events that occur during sport, exercise, and life. There is an up-regulation of isometric muscle tension within all muscle structures. This increase in isometric muscle tension is required to absorb, transfer, develop, and express force throughout the entire body. When a person is unable to increase their isometric muscle tension to meet the demands of their activity. Their functional performance and health will diminish.

Many studies have indicated that lower levels of isometric force generation are associated with increased risk of disease, injury risk, muscle and joint pain, and poor athletic performance.

Don't worry, Isophit Strength Training is the best solution to combat poor isometric muscle function.

Many studies show that higher isometric strength and endurance levels are associated with a improved muscle, tendon, and bone strength, and cardiovascualr efficiency.

If you would like to like to best prepare your body to withstand the forces associated with life. Isophit is a safe, effective, and efficient option.

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Our 30inThirty class program offers you a turn-key solution that can help generate an addition $140,000 per year in revenue.

Lease rates starting from $150* per month.

*OAC | 5 year term | US ONLY

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What Isophit Users are saying

Isophit strength training has helped me overcome a decade long battle with Quad Tendonitis.

I am excited to roll this out with my NBA players this season. The initial feedback has been extremely positive.

Derek Millender ~ NBA World Champion Strength Coach

As a double lung and kidney transplant recipient & diabetic. Isophit has helped me regain a sense of strength and control. In just over a year, Isophit has helped me get off my blood pressure medication after using it for 10 years.

Sara Murray

We incorporated Isophit strength training with all our clients at Rise Movement. Honestly, the Isophit M.S.K is one of the best products I have experienced over the last decade. I ordered it for the studio within minutes of trying it for the first time. It's a must have.

Jason Walsh ~ Founder Rise Movement

I am currently living with the assistance of a Left Ventricular Assist Device. If not for Isophit, I don't believe I would have achieved the level of fitness required to get on the heart transplant waiting list. Isophit is safe, easy to use, efficient, and highly effective.

Keith Crist

Isophit has helped me regain a sense of strength and stability. I am more than happy to stand by this product and recommend this method of isometric strength training to my peers, athletes, and friends.

Kevin Rand ~ Detroit Tigers - Head Medical Director

Isometric strength training with Isophit helped my athlete avoid the recommended hip surgery and return to sport earlier than expected.

Danny Lum ~ Sport Singapore

At 55 years old, the only reason I am still able to perform is because of Isophit. I feel stronger, and more stable after every workout.

Kurt Browning - 4X World Figure Skating Champion

Isophit strength training has transformed my business model. My clients and I use Isophit during every workout. Isophit gives us the strength and stabilty we need to tolerate the forces associated with dynamic movement and sport.

Heather Garrigus

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